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Daddy! Daddy!

by audra

Back and forth

their little legs pump the swing

With him pushing them endlessly

from the parent bench

The wails of laughter

Pulling heart strings

leaving a thirst that only happiness can  quench

There could be no other place

to be

Than sitting here greedily watching idyllic

right now

The smell of fresh cut grass

perfumes the moment

with the heat heightening the sweetened smell

from Daddy’s wetted brow

White smiles, sun kissed hair, tender pink hands

wrap Daddy! Daddy! up in a ticklish embrace

Chasing imaginary fairies, looking for dragons

Wistfully wishing

Please, please

never make me leave this place!

Daddy! Daddy! Is everything

That you will ever be

nothing could ever matter more

A guaranteed place card to hold

a date in the movie theater

on a very-in-the-future-night

with two little girls  Daddy will always adore

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