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The Listener

by audra

My father was best understood by me

for all of his weakness combined

with a mighty strength.

His love of blue skies; flowering hills

Sun soaked horizons,; a boat’s sails

The burnt velvet of a fine scotch

The storm upon his soul’s swale

imprinted in my mind

the breadth of this great world that was left to explore

He cast a spell on my child-mind

That made me wonder what it’s all for

This slow dance of age

that still brings chills to my toy heart

Why isn’t it forever? Where do we depart?

His voice has been gone now for too many years

His words echo in my mind still;

dreams that have ignited fire in my vision

inspire my will

Because he had lived a life full

of wonderment and grace

I have found this world to be a more enchanting place

And listen to the wails of the wind

To find whispers from him

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